“The Democratic Party of Virginia exists to facilitate and encourage the full participation of all Virginians in choosing their elected officials and controlling their political destiny. It is dedicated to the preservation of all the rights enumerated in Article One of the Constitution of Virginia.” - DPVA Plan 


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As part of the state Democratic Party, the Staunton Democratic Party (SDC) observes elections and participates in recounts, sponsors the Young Democrats, encourages voter registration, and coordinates with other Democratic committees and candidates. Our key objective is to recruit and nominate highly qualified candidates for elected and appointed offices.

Statement on the Events of Jan. 6th 2021

The Staunton Democratic Committee unconditionally condemns the act of insurrection committed inside the United States Capitol on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021. 


Our nation is built on a promise that the transfer of power between our leaders be a peaceful process.  Sadly, instead of peace, insurrectionists acting on the false claim by Donald Trump that the Presidential election was stolen and on politically advantageous innuendo from Congressman Ben Cline and other Republican politicians, breached and took control of the United States Capitol.  Instead of peace, guns were drawn on the House of Representatives floor.  Instead of peace, hallowed halls were damaged, and elected representatives’ offices ransacked.  Instead of peace, many were injured, lives were lost, and blood was spilled on the floor of the Capitol Building.


These events were horrifying, but not surprising.  The combination of Donald Trump constantly lying, pushing conspiracy theories, and inciting his followers to violence, along with his political allies supporting his proven lies made this inevitable.  Congressman Ben Cline supported and propagated the false narrative of a stolen election and continued to do so, even after seeing what his actions helped cause, by voting hours after the attack to object to and eventually discard the lawful, certified electoral votes of the states of Arizona and Pennsylvania. 

For these reasons, the Staunton Democratic Committee demands Ben Cline’s resignation or his removal by the House of Representatives as Virginia’s 6th District Congressional Representative.  We also demand our local, state, and federal political representatives, if they have not already done so, to publicly condemn the violent actions of January 6th and immediately cease the false claim of a fraudulent presidential election.  We further call for Donald Trump, the perpetrators of the insurrection, and the politicians who willingly ignored the danger Donald Trump presented to all of us, to face consequences be they legal or political.

Lastly, to anyone reading who continues to support Donald Trump and his enablers:  This committee and its members are not your enemies.  We are your fellow Americans who care deeply about these United States of America.  We must be united in truth, love, and empathy.

         - The Staunton Democratic Committee

           January 8th, 2021


The SDC is more than a social organization. We offer a way to improve our community by responding to the concerns of those who believe in or benefit from the principles of a democratic society. SDC work centers around three, interrelated objectives:

  • Political campaigns – Campaigns require us to mobilize supporters and resources for local, state, and national candidates. We work to identify and encourage strong Democratic candidates to run in this district and surrounding districts.

  • Voter outreach – Throughout each election year we seek to communicate with citizens who are undecided or apathetic but who agree with and benefit from Democratic principles, e.g., equal justice and equal economic opportunities.

  • Administration – Effective campaign support and voter outreach require an organization. The SDC maintains an organizational headquarters at 2507 North Augusta Street in Staunton. Our members volunteer to provide a Democratic presence at major civic events.

If you support government that serves the public interest by ensuring that each person is treated equally under the law, that no person is abandoned to ignorance, starvation, homelessness, or health catastrophe, that each citizen serves as a conscientious member of our democracy, and that our nation should engage the world as a strong, reliable ally with like-thinking nations – as a beacon of hope , and ardent defender of human rights – then we invite you to join the Democratic Party of the United States of America, and as a registered voter in Staunton, Virginia, to serve on our committee.

Remember, government begins with the local party committees. If we don’t stay informed, vote, and serve our electoral process – to do the work of citizenship, we will fail to get a high quality government that delivers the great and beautiful promise of America.

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