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                      The Staunton Democratic

                           Committee Platform


We believe Government is a contract with the people. The people

in our community are the focus of the Staunton Democratic

Committee Platform.


By building trust and transparency, by amplifying our collective voices,

and by protecting the foundations of democracy, together we

can continue to build a better community with:


Equality, fairness and a recognition that our strength lies

in our diversity.


A strong, well-funded public education system where all students

and educators are empowered.


Human and civil rights for all people and an ongoing commitment

to protect these sacred rights.


Appreciation and environmental protection for Staunton’s beauty

as a small city nestled  within the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.


Recognition of the dignity of labor and need to create jobs that

provide a living wage for workers and their families.


Election reform, campaign finance reform, criminal justice reform,

and the elimination of barriers to voting.


Support for our family farms and increased access to

sustainable agricultural practices.


A commitment to increase access to affordable health care, food,

clean water, and a commitment to protect and enhance

Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and other essential

safety net programs.


Initiatives designed to foster innovation, small business development

and smart economic growth for our city and a commitment to repair

our crumbling infrastructure.


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Rights and Equality


Economic / Labor Rights

Political & Electoral Reform


Health, Income Security and Social Safety Net


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Relevant Issues to Consider


  • Education

    • Raise pay for all public school employees

    • Increase access to high quality child care and early education including universal pre-K

    • Rethink and reform the student loan industry, up to and including total loan forgiveness

    • Divest public schools, governments, and medical organizations  from fossil fuels

    • Oppose the use of public money for charter schools

    • Stop the school to prison pipeline

    • Invest further in vocational training at high schools and community colleges

    • Invest further in guaranteed transfer programs for high school dual enrollment and community colleges

    • Introduce our children to education opportunities including apprenticeship programs, community college and universities

  • Rights and Equality

    • Pass the Equal Rights Amendment

    • Support expansion of employment protections based on sexuality and gender identification

    • Strive for equality and equity in all its forms while supporting other groups who do the same

    • Recognize diversity is a strength and condemn White Supremacy and racist acts when they occur

    • Actively seek to address institutional and structural racism in our community

    • Abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and demand reunification of families

    • Protect the rights of people with disabilities and support their independence and right to self-determination

    • Reform the criminal justice system including the juvenile justice and jail systems

    • Increase efforts to protect victims of domestic violence

    • Reduce penalties for non-violent and drug related crimes

    • Support the creation of a Citizen Review Board if it is requested by residents

    • Abolish the death penalty immediately

  • Environment

    • Oppose the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project

    • Support the Green New Deal

    • Invest in renewable energy while helping workers gain the skills they need to work in this field

    • Support the expansion of local solar energy companies

    • Support initiatives to reduce the use of single use plastics and explore local/regional options for better recycling of plastics and glass

  • Economic / Labor Rights

    • Support collective bargaining rights and reject forced arbitration for public employees

    • Repeal Right-to-Work

    • Support universal income

    • Support union legislation, such as the protection of project labor and collective bargaining agreements, the prosecution of wage theft, etc.

    • Support pay equity

    • Emphasize living wages not minimum wages

    • Support paid family-leave laws

  • Political & Electoral Reform

    • End the Dillon Rule

    • Support the mission of OneVirginia2021 to reduce Virginia gerrymandering

    • Call for an overturning of Citizens United v. FEC

    • Explore the implementation of Ranked Choice voting

    • Reform Virginia’s political gift system in a broader effort to eliminate political corruption

    • Oppose the use of government shutdowns for political leverage

    • Call for state legislation to assist employees with food, loans and protection from eviction during any government shutdown

    • Protect the rights of Virginia’s hunters, fishers, and people who wish to enjoy the outdoors responsibly

    • Protect the essential core intent of the Second Amendment

    • Permit gun stores and private citizens to open gun ranges

    • Continue the ban on automatic rifles

    • Restrict access to military-grade ammunition

    • Enforce current laws, especially background checks and waiting periods

    • Close gun show loopholes

  • Agriculture

    • Support expanding state financial aid for agricultural environmental programs

    • Fully legalize industrial hemp and promote crop cultivation

    • Expand farmer co-op support

    • Fight for the rights and legal protection of small farmers

  • Health, Income Security and Social Safety Net

    • Support a movement toward a Single-Payer or Universal Health Care system

    • Support full access to reproductive health care services

    • Expand access to mental health services including suicide prevention

    • Expand access to addiction treatment services and support initiatives to address the opioid epidemic as a public health emergency

    • Support increased funding for food and nutrition programs

    • Support improvements to the foster care system

    • Expand affordable housing programs, especially in proximity to Staunton’s downtown

    • Preserve, protect and expand Social Security and Medicare

    • Support Veterans and active duty personnel for housing and other VA services

  • Infrastructure

    • Fully fund Virginia’s public libraries

    • Call for a revival of jobs programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration to support our parks, forests, transportation networks, etc.

    • Campaign for universal broadband access

    • Rethink and renovate both I-81 and I-64 as part of a statewide transportation improvement initiative including statewide funding strategies as opposed to regional toll-based funding mechanisms

    • Advocate for the expansion of public transportation options locally and regionally

    • Invest in emergency and disaster support with a specific focus on the most  vulnerable populations

    • Break the Dominion monopoly on Virginia’s energy needs

    • Oppose any corporate development of Staunton City land on Richmond Avenue that does not benefit all



Posted 7/19


The Staunton Democratic Committee Platform supplements, and is not intended to replace, the Democratic Party Platform 

Rights and Equality
Econmic / Labor Rights
Political & Electoral Refom
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