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The following is a brief introduction to the ACDC.


Who we are:

“The Democratic Party of Virginia exists to facilitate and encourage the full participation of all Virginians in choosing their elected officials and controlling their political destiny.”  -  from the DPVA Plan (Democratic Party of Virginia)  Per the Virginia State Democratic Party Plan, each county and city within Virginia shall organize a Democratic Committee. 

The key objective of the ACDC is to recruit and nominate highly qualified candidates for elected and appointed offices.


What we do:

The ACDC participates in the democratic process through encouraging voting and voter registration, and through informing the public, specifically the local Democratic voters, on key issues related to elections and topics of public interest.  We coordinate with other local Democratic committees and communicate with local candidates to support their campaigns.


When we meet:

Regular meetings of the ACDC are held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Smith West Conference Room at the Augusta County Government Center.   Note: After hours enter the building thru the west doors and turn right after entering the building.  The Smith West Conference Room will come up on your left.  Periodically a separate SAW Joint meeting is held with a business meeting of the ACDC immediately following the joint meeting and is open to all.  Please check Facebook and our Website for specific meeting notices.

How you can become involved: 

  • Attend the monthly meetings

  • Contribute to the ACDC by paying voluntary annual dues (see website)    

  • Work with local Dems during political campaigns

  • Attend local events which support Democratic Party principles

  • Volunteer for an ACDC position

  • Communicate the Democratic Party message to others


Elected Positions under the ACDC responsibilities:

(The geographic lines of the districts below vary considerably, but Augusta County is at least partially, sometimes completely, within the district lines.  See the website for specific district maps.)

Local Level

  • Augusta County is divided into seven Magisterial Districts.  Each district elects a member to the County Board of Supervisors and a member to the County School Board.

  • County Wide Elected officials: Clerk of Circuit Court; Commonwealth’s Attorney; Commissioner of Revenue;  Treasurer; Sheriff; two Headwaters Soil Conservation District Directors.

State Level

  • Augusta County is divided across and is part of two Virginia State House of Delegates Districts:

    • 35th District (West & North Augusta County)

    • 36th District (South Augusta County and includes Staunton and Waynesboro)

  • Augusta County is divided across and is part of two Virginia State Senate Districts

    • 2nd District (West & North Augusta County)

    • 3rd District (South Augusta County and includes Staunton and Waynesboro)

  • State Wide Elected officials: Governor; Lt. Governor; Attorney General

Federal Level

  • All of Augusta County falls within the Virginia 6th Congressional District of the US House of Representatives.

  • State Wide Elected officials: two US Senators

  • Country Wide Elected officials: President and Vice President.



Augusta County Democratic Committee

PO Box 2121

Staunton VA 24401

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