Join with the SAW Democratic Committees as we launch our $20.20 fundraising campaign! 

The time is NOW to build up our resources for the CRUCIAL push to unseat Trump and

elect Democratic candidates. 

Chip in $20.20 and here’s why …

For the SAW Joint Democratic Committee, people power has always been our greatest strength. However, during this campaign season we are forced to shift our volunteer efforts to virtual campaigning due to the pandemic, as we still kick Trump’s butt!

In order to do this, we are going to rely heavily on marketing to reach voters where they live:

Your donation will: 

  • cover the cost for printing campaign materials, informational mailers, postcards and postage

  • cover the purchase of large and small candidate campaign yard signs

  • increase social media exposure and advertising

  • help to deliver our message into the homes and yards of Democratic voters across the SAW area

We must not let up! We must fight hard and smart to elect Democrats up and down the ballot on Election Day, November 3rd! 

Please chip in $20.20 with a monthly donation through October or make a one time donation. If money is tight, as it is for so many right now, any dollar amount helps.  

Thank you for your donation as YOU help the Democrats win the 2020 election!

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