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By-Laws of the Waynesboro Democratic Committee

Waynesboro, VA

January 2018




The purpose of the Waynesboro Democratic Committee (hereby referred to as ‘the committee’) shall be to conduct the affairs of the Democratic Party of Virginia in the city of Waynesboro, including the support of national, state, and local Democratic candidates, and the active participation of growing the Democratic Party within the city in order to facilitate the election of the Democratic candidates at all levels. The committee shall adhere to, and implement, the policies contained in the national and state Democratic Party platforms.




Membership of the committee shall be by Mass Meeting (caucus) on a day between the first Saturday in December of odd years and the second Wednesday of the following January as specified in the Democratic Party of Virginia Party Plan. Such date shall be chosen by the committee in September or October of the odd numbered year and said date shall be sent to the State Democratic Party by November 1st of that year. Date of caucus may be changed due to inclement weather or an emergency, but must take place by January 21st.


Any person attending the Mass Meeting may become a member, or if unable to present at said meeting, may be considered for membership on the committee, for the succeeding two year term providing that person meets the requirements of membership: that the person is a registered voter in Waynesboro (or Augusta County), a Democrat, believes in the principals of the Democratic Party, and will not support any candidate opposing a Democrat in an upcoming election, and contributes to the committee by paying annual dues or making in-kind contributions. Anyone meeting above criteria may become a committee member at any mass or regular meeting of the committee by completing a membership form.


Committee membership will be for one year (including paid dues or in kind contributions) good for one year or until the following January 22nd, whichever comes first, unless the person resigns, states that the person is no longer a Democrat, or moves out of jurisdiction. Resignations must be given to the Chair in writing, either on paper, fax, or via electronic media. Chair should document that said person no longer meets membership requirements by such statement.


Rights: Only members of the committee have the right and privilege of approving or changing minutes, agendas, and other written documents. Only committee members may vote. Visitors are welcome at open meetings, but must be recognized by the Chair to speak, as must members.


Dues: Both monetary and in-kind dues are requested of all committee members and shall be determined yearly by the executive committee. In-kind dues will be accepted in place of monetary dues. No one will be denied membership to the committee because they can not afford to pay dues. However, some amount of monetary or in-kind contribution is requested for committee membership. This contribution may also be in the form of volunteer work in support of the committee’s activities. Dues and contributions of any Democrat are not required but are necessary for the operation of the committee’s work for the Democratic Party and are, therefore, greatly appreciated.




Officers of the committee will be elected at each re-organizational meeting or no later that the second Wednesday in January as specified in the Democratic Party of Virginia Party Plan. The date, time, and place of the meeting where the election of officers will occur shall be made known to committee members at least seven (7) days in advance. Should the meeting take place immediately following adjournment of the caucus to elect committee members, or within seven (7) days thereafter, notice of the meeting shall be included in the public advertisement for the caucus.


The Chair of the committee will take nominations from the floor and all persons who are members of the committee will vote for the following: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. If agreed to by the committee, the offices of Secretary and Treasurer, Vice-Chair and Secretary, or Vice-Chair and Treasurer may be combined. The newly elected Chair or Secretary shall send separate lists of the officers and members including their names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, to the state party and the District Chair within five (5) days of reorganization.Lists should be sent in via computer in Excel format. The Secretary shall submit a list of any changes to the committee list every six (6) months thereafter until the next committee election.


The newly elected officers assume leadership immediately following their election. No business may be conducted by the previous officers once new officers are elected. Following the close of the reorganization, a regular meeting conducted by the newly elected officers (Executive Board) may be convened for the purposes of appointing leaders, selecting meeting date, and any other pertinent business.




An Outreach Coordinator and/or Committee, a Fundraising/Finance Coordinator and/or Committee and Communications Coordinator may be suggested by any member of the Waynesboro Democratic Party and will be appointed by the Chair. The appointments will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and then presented to entire membership for vote. The Chair may reappoint the coordinators currently serving. Chair may serve as coordinator if so desired.


The Chair shall also appoint Ward Captains and make recommendations of individuals to the State Board of Elections. Such individuals may also be reappointed.


Executive Committee shall retain the right to create and dissolve “ad hoc” appointments and committees as applicable.




The Chair shall preside at all meetings, carry out the duties required by the State Party and be informed of and approve all actions that the committee or individual members may choose to make. Chair will have agenda and previous minutes, which must be approved by the Chair prior to distribution to membership.


Vice-Chair shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the Chair; assume the duties of the Chair in the event of absence; assume the duties of the Chair in the event of resignation, or inability of the Chair to perform their duties, until the election of a new Chair at the next regular meeting or meeting chosen prior to that.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies of the committee and act on behalf of the committee to collect all monies and pay all proper bills, which must be approved by the committee, and pay for approved items bought by members for use by the committee. The Treasurer shall submit submit a written financial report to the Chair and Secretary at each meeting. Books may be audited at any time upon discretion of the Chair or a majority vote of the committee. The Treasurer shall be responsible for filing all financial reports required by law in the absence of a Finance Leader.


The Secretary shall keep minutes of every meeting of the committee and give these to the Chair within two(2) weeks so that the Chair may approve or modify minutes as appropriate; maintain attendance records; and send letters if so deemed by the Chair. Secretary will also update membership and officer lists and send to the state party if so directed by the Chair.


The Fundraising/Finance Coordinator or Committee will determine how money will be raised, will oversee fundraising activities, ascertain that such monies and activities are within the law, and report such activities to the State Party as determined by said Party.


The Communications Coordinator will help determine and execute the appropriate communications to committee members by newsletter including but not limited to: events, voter education, meetings, etc. Additional responsibilities include keeping the committee website updated and using social media to maintain the presence of the committee in the community.


All officers and coordinators will serve a two(2) year term, or until the next reorganization, whichever comes first, unless they resign or move out of the jurisdiction. Notice of resignation must be given to the Chair in writing, on paper, by fax, or via electronic media. If on paper, such notice may be given in person or by registered mail; if such notice is given via fax or computer, said notice must be sent to the Chair and at least one other officer, or to the Chair and the district Chair.


Upon resignation, all reports and other materials belonging to the committee must be given to the Chair within five(5) days. All monies, checkbooks, and ledgers belonging to the committee must be given to the Chair upon resignation of the Treasurer.


The Chair may resign by giving written notice of the same to the Vice Chair, or if not available, to any other officer(s) or entire committee, as well as to the District Chair, at or before the next committee meeting. The Chair must give the Chair’s Manual, State Party Plan, and By-laws to the Vice Chair, or if not available, to another officer, at the time of resignation, or, if not possible, within five(5) days. Chair must turn over all other documents, lists, information, etc. within ten(10) days.


Notification of resignation of Chair must be given to the District Chairman and the State Party via computer, fax, or registered mail as soon as possible and can not exceed 15 days.


The new Chair shall be elected at the next meeting or special meeting not to exceed 35 days after the resignation of previous Chair. Name and information of new Chair must be given to the District Chair and the state party via computer, fax, or registered mail as soon as possible and cannot exceed forty(40) days.


All officers may be re-elected to a subsequent two-year term.




The committee shall meet monthly on a day to be determined by the members at the meeting immediately following the reorganization/mass meeting. The day and time may be permanently changed by a majority vote at any meeting having a quorum. The date and time may also be changed to suit a particular situation, giving at least three(3) days notice, except in the case of inclement weather or emergency where a phone call will suffice. A meeting may be canceled by the Chair, but shall not exceed three(3) meetings per year.


The Chair will seek to have speakers or workshops for at least two(2) yearly meetings that are open to the public. The Chair may also call special meetings deemed-necessary, giving a minimum of two(2) days notice.


A quorum shall consist of eight(8) members of the committee present. A simple majority of those members present and voting shall be necessary for the passage of any motion or resolution by the committee. Only members may vote. (See Article II. Rights)


‘Robert’s Rules of Order’ shall be followed at full committee meetings except informal and non-voting meetings; but strict adherence to these rules is left to the discretion of the Chair.


All regular meetings are public. However, the committee may adjourn to closed session upon a simple majority vote of those committee members present.


Visitors are welcome at open meetings, but must be recognized by the Chair to speak, as must members. Visitors are assumed to be Democrats or persons supporting the Democratic Party. Visitors who disrupt meetings or who are clearly not favorable to the committee and/or the Democratic Party may be asked to leave.


No proxy votes are permitted.




No member of the committee shall publicly support, endorse, or assist a candidate who is opposing a Democratic candidate. No member of the committee shall publicly advocate or endorse policies contradicting to the principles of the Democratic Party of Virginia or the Waynesboro Democratic Committee. The committee may remove from both office and membership, by a majority of those eligible, present and voting, any person found guilty of aforementioned acts of neglect of any duty imposed upon them. Any member can recommend any executive officer to any executive committee member(s) for consideration and if executive committee member agrees with recommendation can call a vote for removal of recommended officer. The accused and all committee members must be given at least ten(10) days notice of a hearing stating the purpose. The accused has the right to refute said rulings and to appeal them to the District Chair.


Automatic removal as stated in Article II shall be viewed as a resignation and needs no vote.




Except as previously mentioned, vacancies on the committee shall be filled at any regular meeting of the committee. Nominations will be accepted from the floor and voted on by the majority of members present.




Candidates seeking election to partisan local offices of the City of Waynesboro* may have access to the Democratic Committee Voter or VAN list providing that the candidate:

  1. Runs as a Democrat

  2. Utilizes the data in a manner consistent with the Code of Virginia as well as the state and national party plans

  3. Has signed copy of the access agreement

  4. Has provided payment of all applicable fees




The committee shall have a set of bylaws available for the membership upon request. Bylaws shall be submitted to the State Party headquarters for review as to form and consistency with the Democratic Party of Virginia Plan. It shall be the responsibility of the Chair to submit such bylaws to the State Headquarters within ninety(90) days of their election as Chair as stated in the Democratic Party of Virginia Party Plan.


These Bylaws shall be approved and/or amended by a two-thirds(66%) majority at a meeting of the committee where a quorum is present.




If any provision of the bylaws is in conflict with the party plan of the Democratic Party of Virginia, or federal or state laws, said plan and/or laws shall supersede.

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