Congratulations Christian Worth 

Christian Worth the Democratic Nominee for Delegate of the

24th District in the Special Election held on Tuesday, December 18th.

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Congratulations to Christian Worth for running an amazing campaign in only one month. She beat Northam, Lewis, and Kaine's percentages in 29/42 precincts!  3 precincts of Rockbridge flipped blue! A Democratic candidate has not reached 40% in this District since 2002. Well done to Christian Worth’s campaign!


In Augusta County through a tremendous effort with canvassing and phone banking we were able to increase Democratic percentages by 2% over the ground breaking Lewis campaign in our 6 precincts in the 24th District in such a short time. The majority of the 6 precincts have not been canvassed or phone banked in years.


Think what we could do if we had more time and more boots on the ground.


We are moving in the right direction.


Thank you to all our volunteers who worked hard to make this possible.


Again, this was a tremendous achievement for a Democratic candidate in the 24th District, and a solid foundation to build on for the 2019 election for the same seat and other seats in Augusta County,

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Congratulations to 

JENNIFER LEWIS for an excellent Campaign &

TIM KAINE for re-election to the U.S. Senate


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who volunteered during this past election cycle.  Jennifer Lewis ran an excellent campaign and we are grateful for her leadership, commitment and passion for our community.  Jennifer’s 6th District results of 40.05% is very impressive.  Jennifer was able to turn out voters at levels normally seen in Presidential election years.  Even though we did not get the results we wanted her campaign has created an army that can keep marching forward.  Each and every individual effort by our volunteers contributed to making Jennifer Lewis’s campaign a success and her impact has provided a groundwork and incentive to continue to work hard to turn the 6th District. We are encouraged that in 2016, Dems got about 30% of the vote, in 2018, about 40%, and we believe we can get over 50% by 2020.   We are stronger together!    

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